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Chang Zhou Huada Kejie Opto-Electro Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research、development and manufacture of opto-mechatronics laser measurement、control and intelligent engineering control systems. Long-term commitment to innovation and development in leading light perception technology, laser measurement technology, digital and intelligent sensor technology and other technical fields, professional services for architecture, digital construction and BIM system ecological chain, as well as industrial intelligent equipment to provide application solutions. The company continuously cultivates professionals in underlying technologies such as optics, mechanics, electricity, computing, and measurement, builds international professional and advanced technology cooperation platform resources, continuously enhances independent research and development design, engineering manufacturing, market service capabilities, and strives to create three Great core competitiveness, that is, firstly, attracting international brands with high quality standards for long-term cooperation and win-win; secondly, maintaining core product competitiveness with independent technology; thirdly, promoting industry scale and manufacturing benchmarks with the construction of intelligent digital manufacturing plants.

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